Breaking Moore’s law

Milica Dostanić, one of the NOCI PhD-students from TUD, gives a small insight into the group where she is doing her PhD.

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Research in times of crisis

During the corona-virus outbreak, the NOCI-researchers are confined to their homes to carry out the work that will eventually lead to the replacement of animal studies. Jeroen Stein (LUMC) wrote a blog about his daily life during the crisis.

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Presentation by Laura Windt at the Annual Science Open Day at LUMC

Why does medicine not work equally well for everyone? At the annual Science Open Day, on Sunday October 6th at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Laura Windt – PhD student in Prof. Dr. Christine Mummery’s lab – held a talk on a potential solution: Organ-on-Chip containing personalized stem cells.

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