ISSCR 2020 Virtual Meeting

  23-27 June, 2020

The International Society for Stem Cell Research has transformed its annual scientific meeting ISSCR on 23-27 June, into a virtual experience, bringing the global stem cell community together to share knowledge, collaborate, and network.

Join ISSCR and your colleagues for The Global Stem Cell Event – and take part in live Q&A, connect in networking hubs, browse the digital poster hall, explore a vibrant, virtual exhibit floor, and enjoy on-demand viewing of all sessions 24 hours a day. One low registration price now includes workshops and special sessions. The virtual event format means you will now have unprecedented access to world-renowned stem cell scientists and educational and professional development sessions.

Learn more about the full program, high-caliber speakers, and explore the workshops and special sessions that are incorporated into the virtual meeting this year.

New (Reduced) Meeting Registration Rates

Full access to the ISSCR 2020 Virtual Meeting includes:

  • Tuesday Workshop Sessions
  • Plenary Scientific Sessions
  • Concurrent Scientific Sessions
  • Virtual Trade show
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Poster Presentations
  • Panel Discussions

More detailed information will be provided prior to the virtual meeting dates.

Learn more and register at


EUROoCS Conference 2020

  8-9 July, 2020

Researchers from different disciplines, organizations and countries will meet at EUROoCS 2020 in an open and dynamic atmosphere to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas. EUROoCS 2020 is a unique opportunity to start new collaborations or strengthen ongoing partnerships in the innovative and challenging field of Organ-on-Chip (OoC). The EUROoCS network of over 200 members will be built up further and attract many more researchers, including group leaders, but also young and upcoming scientists. EUROoCS will facilitate and stimulate the dialogue and multidisciplinary interaction between all parties involved in order to accelerate adoption of the promising OoC technology.

The EUROoCS 2020 conference is a scientific meeting covering all aspects related to research, development and application of OoC. Topics such as micro- and nanoengineering, microfluidics, tissue engineering, organoids, (multi)-organ models, standardization, upscaling, qualification, regulatory aspects and disease modeling, among others, will be addressed.

The format of the conference is similar to EUROoCS 2019 in Graz last year:
– Two-day meeting
– Keynote lectures
– Two parallel sessions
– Interactive poster session
– Plenty opportunities for interaction, networking, exchanging results

This year due to the corona virus outbreak the meeting will be online, for more information on the annual EUROoCS meeting see here.

Several NOCI PhD-students and Post Docs will present their research, by oral of poster presentation, at the online EUROoCS 2020 meeting!

International MicroNanoConference 2019

  Utrecht, the Netherlands
  10-11 December, 2019

The international MicroNanoConference is organized by the Dutch association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology MinacNed. This conference provides a platform where micro technologies can find a way into the macro world. The conference brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to create a sustainable economic and social value to the society.

NOCI PhD/PD retreat (2) on invitation only

  Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  12-13 September, 2019

On September 12-13, 2019 the NOCI retreat will be organized in Utrecht for NOCI PhD-students/Postdocs (on invitation only).

2nd European Organ-on-Chip Conference (EUROoC 2019)

  Graz, Austria
  3-4 July, 2019

The EUROoC conference series aims to gather the research leaders in the emerging field Organs-on-Chip (OoC) with a special focus on young and upcoming scientists. The extremely interdisciplinary field of OoC research is rapidly growing while new and innovative systems are constantly being developed. However, a variety of engineering challenges are remaining, which the OoC field has to address as a whole to enable a sustainable growth of this breakthrough technology.

The EUROoC is a scientific meeting focused on the challenges in the process of designing, fabricating, and implementing microphysiological cell culture systems addressing topics such as microfabrication of 3D matrices, integration of miniaturised sensors, microfluidic interfacing, cellular engineering, parallelization and automation.

EUROoC 2019 Conference covers all aspects related to the research, development and application of Organ-on-Chips. Scientists and developers are invited to submit their original contributions in one or more of the following topics:

• Micro- and Nanoengineering
• Microfluidic interfacing
• Actuators for dynamic culture environments
• Integrated sensors
• Cellular engineering
• 3D cell culture environments
• Scaling
• Automation
• User-friendliness

NOCI Practical Training in Leiden (members only)

  Leiden, the Netherlands
  5-6 June, 2019

For NOCI members only!
The two day practical training will be organised on 5-6 June 2019, at the LUMC in Leiden. The program will start on Thursday ~11 hr and end on Friday around 15 hr.