hDMT Junior Researchers Challenges Call 2019

Team 3D Blood Vessels-on-Chip existing of Mees de Graaf (LUMC), Heleen Middelkamp (UTwente), and Aisen de Sá Vivas (UTwente) won the hDMT Junior Researchers Challenges Call 2019.

Denis Nahon Received Student Travel Award

Denis Nahon (LUMC) Received Student Travel Award for his abstract “Development of a 3D NVU-on-a-chip model for studying vascular dementia” submitted to EUROoC 2019 conference in Graz, Austria.

Socializing is part of the retreat as well!
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Second troppo breve retreat. To start off with a group picture. #organonchip #utwente @utwenteEN @UMCGgenetica @tudelft @ErasmusMC @LUMC_Leiden @_Hubrecht #noci #organonachip #ooc #eurooc

The 2nd 'Tropo Brève' NOCI retreat kick off by Christine Mummery at @WestCordSeeduyn, #Vlieland. Onto fruitfull discussions, the coming days!

Proud to hear that @my_ueg chose our review as editor's pick and thrilled to share that we already made big steps in realising #CeliacDisease-on-chip! A real team effort @JoramMooiweer @SeboWithoff @wijmenga_cisca @nociorganonchip https://t.co/pIHMR7XbS4

Our editor's pick this #celiacawarenessmonth is this state-of-the-art paper by @MoerkensRenee and 2018 @my_ueg Research Prize Awardee @wijmenga_cisca entitled: "Celiac disease-on-chip: Modeling a multifactorial disease in vitro".

⬇️ https://t.co/Q0nQYaufut

I'm guest editing a special issue 'Blood-on-a-Chip' of Micromachines. Do you use microfluidic chips to manipulate, study or analyze blood, then please check out the description of the issue. Now open for submissions! https://t.co/eYVE4jKvrZ

We are happy to announce that the winner of the hDMT Junior Researchers Challenges 2019 🏆is team 3D Blood Vessels-on-Chip. Heleen Middelkamp @hhtmiddelkamp, Mees de Graaf and Aisen de Sá Vivas @AisenVivas #organonchip

Very proud to be part of this team and happy to win this @hdmt_technology challenge call together with Mees de Graaf and Aisen de Sa Vivas @AisenVivas. @nociorganonchip collaborations in the works. https://t.co/XbqiHCmiyk

Wondering what an intestine-on-chip is and how it could help studying complex diseases, such as #CeliacDisease? Read all about it in our review, available now: https://t.co/cjSqSDm9aX @JoramMooiweer @SeboWithoff @wijmenga_cisca @my_ueg @nociorganonchip #Organonchip #stemcells

Happy and proud to say that our review entitled "Celiac disease-on-chip: Modeling a multifactorial disease in vitro" is now available online! @MoerkensRenee @SeboWithoff @wijmenga_cisca @my_ueg @nociorganonchip

Presenting my neurovascular unit-on-a-chip work here today. @HealthValley @utwenteEN #phdlife #organsonchips #healthvalley @hdmt_technology @nociorganonchip

Just filled out this survey. The beauty of organ-on-chip as an interdisciplinary field is that people with many different backgrounds can make valuable contributions. The main challenge is to design a training strategy that provides a common 'language' for mutual understanding. https://t.co/IMkow5RQPP

We came to the end of the #NOCI PhD/PD retreat. We enjoyed both days, saw nice presentations and heard and exchanged many cool ideas. Big thanks to the organisers and @oudaenutrecht for hosting! https://t.co/o8PRpUFc1O

First day of the first NOCI PhD/PD retreat is almost over. Great discussions on a great location @oudaenutrecht.

Utrechtse wetenschappers hebben nier-organoïden gemaakt met cellen uit urine. Dat biedt mogelijkheden voor nieuwe behandelingen die minder belastend zijn voor nierpatienten @UMCUtrecht @_Hubrecht @Nierstichting https://t.co/NYM4v7R3t3

Using organ-on-chip technology to study complex intestinal diseases like celiac disease. NOCI PI @wijmenga_cisca was awarded the @my_ueg research prize 2018 and talks about this idea in the latest edition of #NVGE #DDDnews. Read the interview here https://t.co/QxKntw8Q1q

Meet the ⁦@nociorganonchip⁩ team ⁦@UMCGgenetica⁩: ⁦@JelleSlager⁩ ⁦@MoerkensRenee⁩ ⁦@SeboWithoff⁩ ⁦@JoramMooiweer⁩

Welcome to the official NOCI twitter account. Please join us by following to get the latest updates from the consortium.

Today our firts ⁦@emulatebio⁩ system is installed ⁦@UMCGgenetica⁩ to make our #gut-on-chip to study #celiac disease s part of the #NOCI gravitation program ⁦@researchumcg⁩ ⁦@umcg⁩

Congrats indeed to @JelleSlager and his PhD supervisor @JWVeening. We are grateful that Jelle is joining us to work on the #microbiome and #gut-on-chip @nociorganonchip @UMCGgenetica https://t.co/ppOePtDO3W

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The Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative is an NWO Gravitation project funded by the Ministry of Education, culture and Science of the government of the Netherlands.