Why I am not ashamed to say that I ❤ Standards for Organs-on-Chips

Standardization is needed for Organs-on-Chips to truly have societal impact. Andries van der Meer, NOCI researcher from the University of Twente about his passion for Standardizing Organs-on-Chips.


A bug’s life in the gut and why we need chips to understand it

A closer look at your “intestinal microbiome”

by Jelle Slager NOCI Postdoc from UMC Groningen

#NOCI #OoC #Postdoc #GutonChip

A Recipe for Organ-on-Chip Fabrication, by a Biologist

For successful Organ-on-Chip research, combining multiple areas of expertise is crucial. This time a recipe for Organ-on-Chip fabrication by a biologist, NOCI PhD-student Renée Moerkens from UMC Groningen.

#NOCI #OoC #PhD 


When Soul Meets Body

A journey of a silicon wafer to become an organ-on-chip.

By Hande Aydogmus

NOCI PhD-student at TU Delft

#NOCI #OoC #Cleanroom