Yesterday, we started our #NOCI Troppo Breve meeting with the opening talk by @MummeryLab. In the next days, we will be sharing the latest results on organs-on-chip from the different partners of the consortium and discuss possible collaborations.
#NOCI #OoC #organonachip

We’re ready for two days of practical training at the @UTwente. First talk from @andriesvdm on OoC, standards and open technology platforms!

UMCG organ-on-chip team in the 6th annual hDMT consortium meeting!!

A fun day full of science and wonderful people. Thanks, @hdmt_technology for bringing all of us together 🙂

Kick off of the 6th @hdmt_technology annual meeting. Looking forward to the updates on Organ-on-Chip research in the Netherlands!
@nociorganonchip #OrganOnChip

Pitched my poster for the #nanobiotech conference this afternoon. Fun to promote your poster and research before the actual poster session 🤗
@NBTmontreux #noci @nociorganonchip #organonchip

We want to introduce our new #NOCI member Maurits Unkel from ErasmusMC, supervised by Steven Kushner and @F_deVrij. Maurits will work on bioinformatic analysis of the Brain & OoC

Want to know more about his research?:

#NOCI #OoC #organonachip #phdstudent

How should you pitch your research? At this NOCI retreat its all about this. Today practice sessions with feedback from professionals. Curious for the final pitches tomorrow!
#organonchip #NOCI


Had an amazing two days at the #EUROoCS2022 conference! Proud to receive the Best Oral Presentation Award as a very special recognition for the past 4 years of work during my PhD.
Thanks team @UMCGgenetica @JoramMooiweer @AaronRamirez02 @SeboWithoff @JonkersIris, on to next year

That concludes the conference.

Thank you @euroocs, we had a blast!
Hope to see you all again next year in Berlin.

That was the afternoon of #EUROoCS2022, with presentation by #NOCI PhDs @MoerkensRenee, Paul Motreuil, and José Manuel Rivera Arbeláez where they presented the most recent results on their projects in Organ-on-chip.
#NOCI #OoC #organonachip #EUROoCS2022


Two winning NOCI PhD students for the best Oral Talks award #EUROoCS2022.
Congratulations @MoerkensRenee & @LenaSophieKoch!


Fantastic!! Congratulation to NOCI PhD student Michael Hu for winning one of the best poster awards! #EUROoCS2022

The EUROoCS 2022 conference has started! Looking forward to two full days of OoC research and discussion. Check out my presentation on Tuesday, in which I will on steering epithelial and mesenchymal cell type composition in an iPSC-derived Intestine-Chip. @nociorganonchip

Come check our (⁦@tamargo_isabel⁩) poster at #EurOoCs2022 about iPSC based #LiverOnChip and its intended applications to study genetic and dietary influence! We will be at P 146 #EurOoCs #OrganOnChip #OoC #conference #grenoble

First NOCI talk kicked off by Milica Dostanic about “tapered pillars increasing tissue position reproducibility in engineering heart tissue platforms”
#EUROoCS2022 @euroocs

Grenoble is waking up as we're preparing ourselves for the first day of the #EUROoCS2022 annual meeting. Make sure to join us in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag and/or by tagging our account. On y va!

The day before EUROoCS 2022. We’re looking forward to meet you all again and to talk Organ-on-Chip science! Safe travels everyone and see you tomorrow. #Grenoble #OoC #EUROoCS2022

Our #NOCI PI Dr. Clémentine Boutry, assistant professor at Technische Universiteit Delft, shares her passion and fascination for biodegradable materials. She highlights the possibilities for the #OoC field!

#NOCI #OoC #PI #organonachip

Your own cells as a medical treatment?

Today we were at the Regenerative Medicine Day at @leiden2022 to represent the Organ-on-Chip technology with @hdmt_technology. A really interested audience and really interesting conversation!


Currently ongoing: Our #NOCI Troppo Breve meeting in the Belgium Ardennes. We’re happy to be back to a F2F meeting with all the PIs, postdocs & PhDs.
Exciting to be discussing the achievements of the last 5 years and to look ahead on the next 5 years!
#NOCI #OoC #organonachip

New and exciting output from #NOCI researcher José Rivera-Arbeláez, where he shows his work on a versatile platform for culturing Engineered Heart Tissues, and the effect of different media compositions on contraction force #EHT #hiPSC #chip #Heartonchip

How to model the complexity of epilepsy?
#Noci PostDoc Jean-Philippe Frimat is doing exactly this. How...?

#OoC #Brain #epilepsy

A NOCI PhD journey between organoids and organs-on-chips

Written by NOCI trainee @JensPuschhof on his journey involving complex organoid systems, the NOCI consortium and collaborations. And how he is continuing his journey with Organs-On-Chips.

"With all the expertise that comes together in NOCI, I think there are great times ahead".

Erasmus Associate Professor Femke de Vrij talks about her journey towards Brain-on-Chip research and her current work in the #NOCI-blog: #neurons #brain #chip

A dive into… the blood vessel!

NOCI PostDoc @Ttk08421685 'Dives' into the bloodstream and shows us what it's like there for her research

The word is out!
We've received a Positive Evaluation of the NOCI Program, meaning funding for NOCI will be continued for a second term of 5 years!

We are happy to share that our #NOCI researcher Dennis Nahon from @LUMC_Leiden, won the best presentation award at the EVBO summer school 2021 with the work titled "A Modular 3D NVU-on-a-chip model for studying vascular dementia"
Congratulations !!!

Printing a microfluidic device at @tudelft. Our PhD student Paul Motreuil-Ragot tells you more about it in this piece!

#NOCI #OoC #3Dprinting #microfluidics

Our PhD Candidate José Manuel Rivera Arbelaez from the @UTwente is giving you an inside to our first "in person" #noci retreat in what feels like forever! From 2D to 3D meetings again:
#retreat #organonchip

The @euroocs 2021 Travel Grant (sponsored by @Roche) is awarded to NOCI PhD student Milica Dostanić @tudelft for her presentation entitled ‘An engineered heart tissue platform with integrated pacing microelectrodes’.

Congratulations Milica!

Learning to sketch the main message of your research, great workshop during the #NOCI-retreat in Amsterdam from #analyticstorytelling. #ooc #network

NOCI PI Massimo Mastrangeli talks about the exciting time for (and with) Organs-on-Chip and the work at @tudelft.

#Health.E #organonchip #opentechnologyplatform #MEMS @euroocs

We're launching a survey to biologists to ask for your opinion on how the next generation of Organ-on-chip should collect, process, & visualize data.

Your response will enable us to bring Augmented Reality into the OOC world & impact biological research.

The #brain is one of the organs we are working on within #NOCI
Here @pand_eva elaborates on how "technological advances enabled us to develop relevant in-vitro systems to step by step take us closer to model various human brain functions" for her research:

Impressive work !!! presented by our #NOCI researcher Lena Sophie Koch from the @UTwente during the gastrointestinal tract session at the @Euroocs_conf 2021, about "Discovering communication of the microbiome-gut-brain axis on a microfluidic chip"

Our #NOCI researchers from @utwenteEN, @LUMC_Leiden, @UMCGgenetica, and @tudelft have presented their results using organs on a chip during the poster session at the @Euroocs_conf 2021. #ooc @euroocs #organonchip

We had a very nice training day organised by @_Hubrecht institute. With very interesting talks by @HansClevers, @pvulto and @pe_losk. Thanks to you all for making this a very informative digital training day! #ooc #hubrecht #organonchip #training #noci


@andriesvdm ❤ Standards for Organs-on-Chips, and is not ashamed to say it!


'A bug’s life in the gut and why we need chips to understand it' - @JelleSlager

Our PhD-candidate @MoerkensRenee has used the lockdown for another creative project: Baking an #organonchip cake! Check out the recipe and end result here:
#baking #lockdown #noci

Life through the eyes of a silicon wafer:

When Soul Meets Body: A journey of a silicon wafer to become an organ-on-chip. By Hande Aydogmus

Don't miss the opportunity to read this review titled "Organ-on-a-chip technology: a novel approach to investigate cardiovascular diseases " in which our NOCI researchers @hhtmiddelkamp and Dr. @andriesvdm participated.

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