Currently ongoing: Our #NOCI Troppo Breve meeting in the Belgium Ardennes. We’re happy to be back to a F2F meeting with all the PIs, postdocs & PhDs.
Exciting to be discussing the achievements of the last 5 years and to look ahead on the next 5 years!
#NOCI #OoC #organonachip

New and exciting output from #NOCI researcher José Rivera-Arbeláez, where he shows his work on a versatile platform for culturing Engineered Heart Tissues, and the effect of different media compositions on contraction force #EHT #hiPSC #chip #Heartonchip

How to model the complexity of epilepsy?
#Noci PostDoc Jean-Philippe Frimat is doing exactly this. How...?

#OoC #Brain #epilepsy

A NOCI PhD journey between organoids and organs-on-chips

Written by NOCI trainee @JensPuschhof on his journey involving complex organoid systems, the NOCI consortium and collaborations. And how he is continuing his journey with Organs-On-Chips.

"With all the expertise that comes together in NOCI, I think there are great times ahead".

Erasmus Associate Professor Femke de Vrij talks about her journey towards Brain-on-Chip research and her current work in the #NOCI-blog: #neurons #brain #chip

A dive into… the blood vessel!

NOCI PostDoc @Ttk08421685 'Dives' into the bloodstream and shows us what it's like there for her research

The word is out!
We've received a Positive Evaluation of the NOCI Program, meaning funding for NOCI will be continued for a second term of 5 years!

We are happy to share that our #NOCI researcher Dennis Nahon from @LUMC_Leiden, won the best presentation award at the EVBO summer school 2021 with the work titled "A Modular 3D NVU-on-a-chip model for studying vascular dementia"
Congratulations !!!

Printing a microfluidic device at @tudelft. Our PhD student Paul Motreuil-Ragot tells you more about it in this piece!

#NOCI #OoC #3Dprinting #microfluidics

Our PhD Candidate José Manuel Rivera Arbelaez from the @UTwente is giving you an inside to our first "in person" #noci retreat in what feels like forever! From 2D to 3D meetings again:
#retreat #organonchip

The @euroocs 2021 Travel Grant (sponsored by @Roche) is awarded to NOCI PhD student Milica Dostanić @tudelft for her presentation entitled ‘An engineered heart tissue platform with integrated pacing microelectrodes’.

Congratulations Milica!

Learning to sketch the main message of your research, great workshop during the #NOCI-retreat in Amsterdam from #analyticstorytelling. #ooc #network

NOCI PI Massimo Mastrangeli talks about the exciting time for (and with) Organs-on-Chip and the work at @tudelft.

#Health.E #organonchip #opentechnologyplatform #MEMS @euroocs

We're launching a survey to biologists to ask for your opinion on how the next generation of Organ-on-chip should collect, process, & visualize data.

Your response will enable us to bring Augmented Reality into the OOC world & impact biological research.

The #brain is one of the organs we are working on within #NOCI
Here @pand_eva elaborates on how "technological advances enabled us to develop relevant in-vitro systems to step by step take us closer to model various human brain functions" for her research:

Impressive work !!! presented by our #NOCI researcher Lena Sophie Koch from the @UTwente during the gastrointestinal tract session at the @Euroocs_conf 2021, about "Discovering communication of the microbiome-gut-brain axis on a microfluidic chip"

Our #NOCI researchers from @utwenteEN, @LUMC_Leiden, @UMCGgenetica, and @tudelft have presented their results using organs on a chip during the poster session at the @Euroocs_conf 2021. #ooc @euroocs #organonchip

We had a very nice training day organised by @_Hubrecht institute. With very interesting talks by @HansClevers, @pvulto and @pe_losk. Thanks to you all for making this a very informative digital training day! #ooc #hubrecht #organonchip #training #noci

@andriesvdm ❤ Standards for Organs-on-Chips, and is not ashamed to say it!


'A bug’s life in the gut and why we need chips to understand it' - @JelleSlager

Thrilled to receive the prestigious Vici grant. Thank @wijmenga_cisca @RitsertJansen @knoers, F.Kuipers, @SashaZhernakova, @LudeFranke, @SeboWithoff, R.Weerdma, my team, colleagues, and collaborators along this journey. @UMCGgenetica @researchumcg @nociorganonchip @LifelinesNL


Hartelijke felicitatie voor onze toponderzoekers @jingyuan_fu en Inge Zuhorn! Zij ontvangen de prestigieuze Vici-beurs @nwonieuws . Hiermee kunnen zij de komende 5 jaar een vernieuwende onderzoekslijn ontwikkelen.
Meer informatie over hun onderzoek: ➡️

Our PhD-candidate @MoerkensRenee has used the lockdown for another creative project: Baking an #organonchip cake! Check out the recipe and end result here:
#baking #lockdown #noci

Life through the eyes of a silicon wafer:

When Soul Meets Body: A journey of a silicon wafer to become an organ-on-chip. By Hande Aydogmus

Don't miss the opportunity to read this review titled "Organ-on-a-chip technology: a novel approach to investigate cardiovascular diseases " in which our NOCI researchers @hhtmiddelkamp and Dr. @andriesvdm participated.

A review of the recent article by Martin Trapecar et. al. from the view of PhD candidate Lena Sophie Koch of @utwenteEN titled: "How close can we come to the human?" #noci #organonchip

Today, our NOCI researcher @JensPuschhof from the group of @HansClevers successfully and with honors defended his PhD thesis.

Congratulations Dr. J. Puschhof!

#NOCI #organonachip #PhD #organoids

Exciting news: Registration and abstract submission for #EUROoCS2021 is now open. We have a great lineup of keynote speakers and lots of opportunities for #PhD students and young #scientists to present their latest #OrganOnChip #TissueChip #research. Visit

Last week we handed out a small token of appreciation to most of our PhD-Candidates and Post-Docs. Our PI Christine Mummery is showing it off in this nice picture! #noci #mask #keepsafe #christinemummery #covidmask #organonchip

Imagine being an organ-on-chip for a week, how would you feel?
NOCI PhD student @WindtLaura dived into the diary of her own chip to find out what it's like:


Our PhD candidate @hhtmiddelkamp from @UTwente has published a paper in @SciReports: "Cell type‑specific changes in transcriptomic profiles of endothelial cells, iPSC‑derived neurons and astrocytes cultured on microfuidic chips" #noci #organonchip

#NOCI-researcher Jeroen Stein has published a beautiful review on Heart-on-a-chip, a very dynamic field.
Discussing 2D/3D in vitro myocardial models, cutting-edge technologies and bench-to-bedside applications of #OoC research.

Vacancy: Post-doctoral researcher in Microelectromechanical Organs-on-Chip in the ECTM group at @tudelft as part of the Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative (NOCI).

- A Silver Lining on the Pandemic.
Contribution by @GontanCristina

At the end of the day everyone is still very interested in the training 😉 all kidding aside, thanks so much #noci @tudelft team for virtually showing us around the clean room and MEMS fabrications! #training #microfluidics #nociorganonchip #noci

Our online NOCI PhD- Postdoc training has started! Very well organised by the researchers from @tudelft . Thanks for already a great training day, especially with the provided goodiebag. #organonchip #onlinetraining #training #noci #consortium

On the 25th of November 15:00 CET we will host an online DEMO to introduce you to our #OOC tools. Register at
Our biologist @amrothmann will show you how to assemble the inCHIPitᵀᴹ and the comPLATEᵀᴹ. @NikoGaio will introduce you to the applications.

Our NOCI researcher Berend van Meer has just defended his PhD thesis successfully and graduated with honours (cum laude)
Congratulations Berend for doing this great work and setting the bar high for the rest of us.
#phd #phddefense #onlinedefense #organonachip #organonchip

Today the foundation of "biosciences and society" has launched a booklet (in Dutch) entitled: 'Mini Organs-on-Chips. Towards new research models for studying disease and finding treatments'.
#organonchip #noci #bookrelease #organsonchips #nociorganonachip

#NOCI-postdoc Berend van Meer has won the Hugo van Poelgeest award for finding alternatives of animal testing. He did so through sharing his vision of the future of drug-testing, and setting the foundation for realizing this, but also by public lectures.

Exciting all day meeting with our @NWO_Science @nociorganonchip scientific advisory board to discuss progress in our exciting Gravitation program on organs-on-chip using #hiPSC! 🧫Already 21 PhD students involved 💪 @albertvdbergtwt

The retreat of the #noci is here, though with some more personal space than usual. Everyone is very happy to see each other again and to hear the latest updates on #OoCtechnology research. #ooc #organonchip

New paper from M. Dostanić et al., which is a beautiful collaboration between #TUDelft and #LUMC. Bringing cutting edge microfabrication and stem cell biology together, this paper shows a new method of creating a #heartonchip for #EHT culture.

EUROoCS and @ISSCR announce today that Stem Cell Reports will become the “home” journal for EUROoCS member publications on the use & application of stem cells, bridging the bioengineering and stem cell communities. @StemCellReports #organonchip

#ISSCR and EUROoCS announce today that Stem Cell Reports will become the “home” journal for EUROoCS member publications on the use & application of stem cells, bridging the bioengineering and stem cell communities. @martinperaJAX @StemCellReports @euroocs

New regulatory tools may help replace, reduce and refine animal testing. One novel tool is Microphysiological Systems. FDA invites comments on its draft definitions for Microphysiological Systems and for Organs on a Chip:

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