NameAffiliation*Area of expertise
Prof. Marie Jose GoumansLUMCMolecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular development and disease
Prof. Silvere van der MaarelLUMC Human genetics. neural and metabolic diseases
Dr. Valeria OrlovaLUMCHuman pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) in vascular biology and disease modeling
Prof. Arn vd MaagdenbergLUMCMolecular & neurobiological mechanisms and new treatment targets for paroxysmal brain disorders
Dr. Gisela TerwindtLUMCCerebral hereditary angiopathies (CHA) such as migraine, mouse models of neural disease
Dr. Richard DavisLUMCGenetics underlying arrhythmic disorders of the heart
Dr. Milena BellinLUMChiPSC models of cardiac disease and electrophysiology
Prof. Robert PassierLUMC & UTHeart-on-chip systems for modeling cardiac disease, drug screening and regenerative medicine
Dr. Marieke WermerLUMCClinical neurology, epidemology
Prof. Eva van RooijHI/UMCUCardiac genetics, miRNA, lncRNA and heart disease
Dr. Marc van de WeteringHI/UMCU/PMCOrganoid technology, wnt signaling
Dr. Annelien BredenoordUMCUMedical ethics
Dr. Joran DrostHI/UMCU/PMCGI tract organoid technology
Dr. Iris JonkersUMCGMolecular effects of genetic variation on the regulome and transcriptome of cells for immune mediated disorders
Prof. Lude FrankeUMCGSystems genetics
Dr. Yang LiUMCGHuman genetic variation and its contribution to complex immune-related diseases
Dr. Jingyuan FuUMCGMulti-dimensional genetics and genomics analysis to understand the development of complex diseases
Dr. Alexandra ZhernakovaUMCGInterplay of environmental and genetic components in predisposition to common diseases and traits
Prof. Marileen DogteromTUDQuantitative understanding of the physics behind cytoskeletonbased processes
Prof. Ronald DekkerTUD & PhilipsFlexible electronics and MEMS technology
Dr. Séverine le GacUTApplied microfluidics for bioengineering research
Prof. Detlef LohseUTTurbulence and multiphase flow, granular matter, micro- and nanofluidics
Dr. Loes SegerinkUTMicrofluidics for (bio)medical applications
Dr. Andries van der MeerUTMicrofluidic chips, vessels-on-chip, gut-on-chip
Dr. Kerensa BroersenUTProtein folding and aggregation processes related to risk factors involved in Alzheimer- and Parkinson-pathologies
Prof. Bob van de WaterUL/LACDRImaging-based automated quantitative cell biological 2D and 3D
Dr. Robert VriesHUBOrganoid banking, training, organoids from patients
Prof. Mihai NeteaRUInnate immunity in host defence mechanisms and inflammation
Prof. Ype ElgersmaErasmus MCMolecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders
Dr. Antoinette Maassen van
den Brink
Erasmus MCVascular medicine, pharmacology
Prof. Joost GribnauErasmus MCSex chromosome and stem cell biology
Dr. Massimo MastrangeliTUDSilicon & polymer based microtechnology for OoC devices
Dr. Femke de VrijErasmus MCNeurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders
Dr. Sebo WithoffUMCGDevelopment of personalized, iPSC- and ASC-based 3D cell culture models for complex genetic, intestinal disorders (intestine-on-chip and liver-on-chip).

* NOCI is a collaboration of researchers from the Twente University (UT), Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Delft University of Technology (TUD), Hubrecht Institute (HI), University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU), Radboud University (RU), Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC), the Leiden Academic Drug Research Centre at Leiden University (UL/LACDR), and the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), and the Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology (PMC). In addition, the consortium counts non-academic participants: Galapagos BV and GenMab BV (via hDMT), Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) and Philips.