The five PhD candidates from UTwente in Enschede

Lena Sophie Koch

Development of a microbiome-gut-brain-axis on a microfluidic chip

Heleen Middelkamp

Parallelized 3D Blood Vessels-on-a-Chip for Vascular Disease Modelling

Carlos Cuartas-Vélez

Optical coherence tomography as an imaging tool to evaluate organ-on-chip properties

José Rivera Arbelaez

Bioengineered Platform

Mariia Zakharova

Multiplexed Organ on a Chip

Cristina Gontan

Versatile reporter systems for organs-on-a-chip

Eva Niggl

Investigating Angelman Syndrome with a brain-on-a-chip

Marlen Lauffer

Investigating schizophrenia pathophysiology with brain-on-a-chip

Cayetano Pleguezuelos

Dissecting gut bacteria influence on intestinal cell dynamics using 3D-models

Jens Puschhof

Reassembling the colorectal cancer microenvironment

Mees de Graaf

Brain on a chip and integration with the vasculature

Jeroen Stein

Engineering vascularized human heart on a chip

Dennis Nahon

Modeling of inflammation and neurodegeneration on a chip

Laura Windt

Myocardial infarction on a chip

Dhanesh Kasi

Brain vessel -on-a-chip for migraine and stroke

Michel Hu

Brain cortex-on-a-chip to study disease mechanisms in migraine

Jean-Philippe Frimat

Brain region interaction-on-a-chip to study migraine and Huntington’s disease

Hande Aydogmus

Integrated Sensing in Si/polymer-based Organ-on-Chip Platforms

Milica Dostanic

Integrated read-out for Organ-on-Chip platforms

Paul Motreuil-Ragot

Mechanical Actuation and Stimulation in Si/polymer-based Organs-on-Chip platforms

Renée Moerkens

The role of the intestinal epithelial barrier in celiac disease and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Joram Mooiweer

Modeling the intestinal barrier to study the function of celiac disease genes on-a-chip

Jelle Slager

Studying the role of the microbiome in celiac disease in a gut-on-chip

Kieu Le

Towards a Gut-to-Endothelium platform to model Sepsis-on-chip

Wesley Buijsman

High-Density Organs-on-Chips

Mariia Zakharova

Multiplexing and scaling of organ-on-chip engineering

Lena Sophie Koch

Gut-brain axis on a chip

Heleen Middelkamp

Bleeding Organs-on-Chips

José Rivera Arbelaez

3D Cardiac Vascularization using Integrated Functional Sensors on-chip

Carlos Cuartas Velez

Optical Coherence Tomography for Monitoring Organs-on-Chips