The research project NOCI (Netherlands Organ-on-Chip Initiative) has been awarded a prestigious NWO Gravitation subsidy (Zwaartekracht premie) of 18.8 million euros.

The program is led by Christine Mummery, Professor of Developmental Biology at the LUMC and UT,
and involves five other renowned scientists:
Michel Ferrari (neurologist, LUMC),
Albert van den Berg (nanotechnologist, UT),
Hans Clevers (cell biologist, Hubrecht Institute),
Cisca Wijmenga (human geneticist, UMCG) and
Lina Sarro (nanotechnologist, TU Delft), all linked to the organ-on-chip consortium Human Organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT).

NOCI aims at creating a new platform, based on a combination of human stem cells and microchips, to learn more about the development of diseases and to better predict the effect of medicines, and will be a decisive step towards personalized health care.