The Netherlands Organ-on-Chip initiative (NOCI) financed by the Gravity programme of NWO is looking for several highly talented

PhD students and junior postdocs

to carry out research on the development of organ-on-chip models for heart, brain and the intestine (including the microbiome).
NOCI is a 10-year research programme awarded in 2017 by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) to 6 internationally leading researchers in 5 different institutes: Christine Mummery (LUMC/UT; programme leader), Albert van den Berg (UT), Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute), Cisca Wijmenga (UMCG), Lina Sarro (TU Delft) and Michel Ferrari (LUMC, in collaboration with Erasmus MC). NOCI works closely with the Foundation human Organ and Disease Model Technologies, hDMT, a consortium in which 15 partners collaborate to develop Organ-on-Chip models (

Our goal: to develop new platforms based on human stem cells and microchips which allow us to gain better understanding of diseases of the heart, brain and intestine, and predict the effects of drugs. We expect to learn more about how diseases develop and accelerate the discovery of new drugs.

We are looking for: young researchers in spe with a background in stem cell biology, microbiology, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine or technical science to develop organ-on-chip models, by integrating state-of-the-art stem cell biology with advanced microfluidics and microelectronics technology. Applicants with experience in stem cells, microbiology, microfluidics or microelectronics and a strong interest in research on brain, heart, vessels and intestine are preferred.

Appointment: in principle for 4 years in scale 10 of the Netherlands Universities/UMC cao

Location: Leiden/Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Delft or Enschede. Because of the nature of the projects, in which there is multidisciplinary collaboration between different institutes, some of the positions will require research be carried out at different locations.

More information and letters of application with CVs and potential referees:
reference NOCI project (NWO); E.Thomassen ( or the relevant research leaders.

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